How Much Will My Wedding Cost?

Beautiful barn wedding venue Loudoun County, dream barn wedding Northern Virginia

You’re engaged!  Time to plan that once-in-a-lifetime moment for your friends, family, (and most importantly you) to enjoy and remember for many years to come!

Our farm, The Middleburg Barn at Fox Chase Farm, located in Middleburg, Virginia just might be the perfect spot for your wedding.   We don’t like to brag, but we feel we’ve been instrumental in helping many dreams of a perfect day come true.

We are located in beautiful Loudoun County,  Virginia,  an area of bucolic landscapes, horses, wineries,  and miles and miles of stunning pastoral views.  Our location, though seeming far- removed, is in actually not far from Washington, D.C., though at times, it seems a world away.  

When working with new brides, the #1 question is always:  ‘What is your price?”

Many factors go into our prices and even though our venue is new , stunning and just about perfect (we’re just a little biased), many don’t realize that our prices are less than the average, which is unusual in an area that is often known for being an expensive geographic area to host a wedding.

A critical first step is to have a budget.  In order to establish this, you have to know what you want and stick to it.  All of the extras you may have seen on Pinterest and Instagram need to be factored in to your budget.  Everything from lighting, beautiful linens, breathtaking flowers,  and last but never least, the food.  All of these form part of your overall vision, and can make or break a great wedding reception.

We work with the best of the best in order to ensure that what you want is what you get, that your expectations are exceeded, and that you maximize every dollar.

The average cost of a wedding in Middleburg, Virginia is $37,120.  In nearby Leesburg, the average price is $41,227 and in Purcellville, $41,644.

As a general rule, this is an approximate breakdown of how much you can expect to spend on your wedding based on the number of guests:

Less than 50 Guests                               $18,104-   $30,173​

Between 50-100 Guests                        $26,500- $44,171

Between 101-200 Guests                      $40,686- $67,812

Between 201-300 Guests                      $56,365- $93,941

More than 300 Guests                           $116,08 – $193,480


To put these figures into perspective: 

  • Couples typically spend between $27,840 and $46,400 for their entire wedding
  • A single guest could add between $265 and $324 (per person) to the total cost of your wedding.

So.  Establish a budget based on a realistic number of guests and let us help you make the most of it in our own special way.  We know how important this day is to you, and how important it can be to your friends and loved ones.  As an aside, my father talked about his brother’s wedding for 42 years.  He remembered the incredible food and the beauty of the day and went on to compare every wedding from that point on to his brother’s unforgettable day.  Your guests will remember too…trust us, we know!

Enjoy this time, have fun, and congratulations on your engagement.  We look forward to seeing you!

The Benefit of Full Disclosure

barn wedding venue Loudoun County, northern Virginia barn wedding venue

There are few businesses where the benefits are as (Waterford) crystal clear as in the event venue business.  It seems obvious to state, but if you enter a business relationship with honesty and transparency, you can save yourself time and money, and hopefully get exactly what you want out of the partnership.    

This is where full disclosure is critical.  When you come in for a visit to evaluate whether you’d like us to host your special event, it’s critical that we both fully understand your expectations, and reconcile them with what we can provide.  We realize we can’t be all things to all people but we want to be the right thing for the right people.  We pride ourselves on providing excellent service, and when we are all on the same page about what’s expected, it makes our jobs easier and it makes the process easier for everyone involved.

To this end, we’ve designed a questionnaire to help you get through the process and make sure we are providing you with exactly what you want.  Take a minute to complete our contact form to request our short questionnaire and fill  it out before your visit; you will be glad you did. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to include The Middleburg Barn at Fox Chase Farm in your venue search, we are grateful for your inquiry.